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Charlie chaplin - free africa !!

As Parker’s quintet walked onto the bandstand, trumpeter Red Rodney recognized Stravinsky, front and almost center. Rodney leaned over and told Parker, who did not look at Stravinsky. Parker immediately called the first number for his band, and, forgoing the customary greeting to the crowd, was off like a shot. At the sound of the opening notes, played in unison by trumpet and alto, a chill went up and down the back of my neck.

In June 1885, aged 22, he married 19-year-old Hannah Hill , [5] who had been his "sweetheart" three years earlier when they starred in the same play. [6] Hannah had a 3-month-old son, Sydney John , who was given Chaplin's surname. On 16 April 1889, Chaplin's biological son and namesake, Charles Spencer (known as Charlie), was born. [7] Chaplin and Hannah were separated by 1891, and remained legally married until his death. [8]

Charlie Chaplin was a genius,with a heart and this being the first time I’ve watched him in a long time I see other greats who have copied him in certain ways ernie kovacs-benny hill to name a couple and his nemesis reminded me a little of pop eyes nemesis for letting me witness a genius once again

Charlie Chaplin - Free Africa !!Charlie Chaplin - Free Africa !!Charlie Chaplin - Free Africa !!Charlie Chaplin - Free Africa !!