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#Heroes tribe member, Ben Driebergen, falls perfectly in line with this tough-exterior, heart-of-gold picture. Having served as a Marine, Driebergen is no stranger to heroism and daily invests these values as a warehouse worker in Idaho raising two children.

What makes Hustle unique amongst crime dramas is two notable qualities used within its episodes. The first notable quality is that each episode's plot tends to have an element of mystery surrounding it, usually in the form of misleading story elements - what viewers may believe to be happening within the episode, will eventually turn out to be not the full story. An example of this is that the viewers could be led to believe that a con has gone wrong towards the end and that the team have failed, only to witness that the mark has still be conned of money by them. Such a plot device is balanced out with a series of scenes that helped to explain about what happened, in the form of events that occurred "behind-the-scenes" of the con. The second other notable quality is the use of stylish fantasy scenes in a number of episodes, in which the characters perform actions that are out of context and sometimes unrealistic, but is used to help with conveying an episode's plot to viewers or what a character is thinking about in regards to a certain situation. One such example of this can be for the scene to suddenly be stopped in mid-action, and the main characters being able to freely move around and interact with each other, and possibly anything else within the frozen scene. In some episodes, the main characters break the fourth wall to either give a subtle, discreet psychical tell to alert the viewers of what they are up to (. a small smile), or to give an explanation to viewers about certain aspects they are doing or the situation they are in.

Question: What is the most frequently asked question about 'STAR GAZER'?

Answer: That's easy. Everybody asks about our theme song which is the classic
'Arabesque #1' by Claude Debussy performed by Isao Tomita on the still available "Snowflakes Are Dancing" album (RCA 60579-2-RG).
Question: Why did you change the name of the show from 'JACK HORKHEIMER : STAR HUSTLER' TO 'JACK HORKHEIMER : STAR GAZER' ?

Answer: The name was changed due to our presence on the internet. When people, especially children, were accessing our Star Hustler site by using a search engine, STAR HUSTLER was not the HUSTLER they got to link to...so, after some upset folks wrote to us calling attention to the situation we realized that like it or not, the word Hustler didn't have the same connotation as it did when the show began over two decades ago. Question: At what times and days of the week can I see 'STAR GAZER'?

Answer: Most TV stations air 'STAR GAZER' just before nightly sign-off. However, due to 'STAR GAZER'S' enormous popularity a number of stations find the show's 5-minute format can fit anywhere during the broadcast day and air the show more frequently. Local TV listings seldom include 5-minute shows and we now have a one minute version of Star Gazer, so it's best to call the station for the broadcast schedule. Visit http:///stationfinder/ for help in locating your local PBS station.
Question: If I can't find 'STAR GAZER' on my hometown PBS station, how can I see it
where I live?

Answer: 'STAR GAZER' is provided free of charge by WPBT, Miami to all PBS stations. If you can't find it, write or call your local PBS station and ask if they will air it and remind them that it is available free of charge. Visit http:///stationfinder/ for help in locating your local PBS station.
Question: Is it necessary to get special permission to use 'STAR GAZER' for astronomy club meetings, teaching in the classroom, science museum or planetarium use?

Answer: No, in fact, many astronomy clubs, teachers, science museums and planetariums have been taping 'STAR GAZER' off the air and using it regularly as a way to reach their public. Question: Is there any way I can get 'STARGAZER' other than my local PBS station?

Answer: Yes. A month's worth of ' STAR GAZER' episodes are fed monthly to a satellite from which all PBS stations take it for their local programming. Anyone with the proper equipment to take a digital feed is welcome to the satellite feed. For satellite feed dates and times see the Star Gazer Info page or call Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 (Eastern time) 305-646-4274. Ask for Mr. Dishong. Question: I am a teacher planning my curriculum and would like several
'STAR GAZER' episodes in advance, but I do not have access to a satellite dish. Is there any other way I can obtain 'STAR GAZER'?

Answer: Any teacher anywhere around the world can obtain 'STAR GAZER' episodes in advance through their NASA . Teacher's Resource Center. For details write NASA ., Lorain County Joint Vocational School, 15181 Route 58 South, Oberlin, OH . 44074.

The ARE - Hustlers ThemeThe ARE - Hustlers ThemeThe ARE - Hustlers ThemeThe ARE - Hustlers Theme