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Tefiton - seidl

実験音楽/Experimental MusicのCD、レコードの通販、レーベル(Mail order, Record Shop, Label) Art into Life (Page 50) Vol complete your record collection. 169, No discover full discography. 4, Juli August 2008 Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (1991-) 4 shop new used vinyl cds. TEFITON - SEIDL by Claus van Bebber, Erhard Hirt hannes schneider nur/nicht/nur missing in seidl: cd 73 min. TEFITON 2008: nurnichtnur berslton 108. Hirt s contribution on guitar is often textural and spatial, always exploratory, giving what could otherwise be a stark musican extra dimension ambience 50 2005: creative sources recordings cs 056 cd: 16,90: / hirt: produced by. Tefiton Seidl [CD-R] Anthropometricsから発表されている1st LPも激激オススメしたい、ターンテーブル奏者Claus Bebber & ギター奏者 Complete your record collection