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Hepworth was especially active within, and on behalf of, the modernist artistic community in St Ives during its period of post-war international prominence. Her experience of the Cornish landscape was acknowledged in her choice of titles. In a wider context, Hepworth also represented a link with pre-war ideals in a climate of social and physical reconstruction; this was exemplified by her two sculptures for the South Bank site of the Festival of Britain (1951). Public commissions and greater demand encouraged her to employ assistants for preliminary work - including Denis Mitchell and Dicon Nance - and to produce bronze editions .

Gabashvili, Irina – (1960 – 2009)
Georgian-American sportswoman
Gabashvili was born (Aug 15, 1960) in Georgia. She began a career in rhythmic gymnastics and was trained by Nelli Saladze winning the gold and bronze medals at the World Championshops in London (1979). She worked as the coach of the Malaysian gymnastic teams which won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games (1998) and then went to reside in the USA (2000) where she was employed as a coach at the Westside Gymnastics Academy in Portland, Oregon. Gabashvili was diagnosed as suffering from breast cancer and died (March 24, 2009) aged forty-eight.

Braque - JeanetteBraque - JeanetteBraque - JeanetteBraque - Jeanette