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Shape navigator - solar / jupiter

Monster Park - Dino World is a new augmented reality game that lets you see and rule incredibly lifelike dinosaurs with your device’s camera. See dinosaurs in real size, bring those huge monsters into your world, walk together and make cool photos and videos.

I bought a new Toyota RAV-4 Hybrid and was offered gap insurance for about £400 for 12 months.  I don't really understand it and wondered if it was worth buying? WJK

On Aug. 8, the city council signed a resolution opposing in particular the proposed rate increases for customers with rooftop solar. Those increases would hinder the growth of the solar industry in the area, the resolution said. If El Paso Electric, the city and other opponents of the rate increase fail to reach an agreement, the case could be taken up by the Public Utility Commission in a move that could shape policy on rooftop solar systems. 

Shape Navigator - Solar / JupiterShape Navigator - Solar / JupiterShape Navigator - Solar / JupiterShape Navigator - Solar / Jupiter