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Beastie boys - love american style

The rift between Costello and Michaels eventually healed, and Costello was invited to appear again on Saturday Night Live  in the spring of 1989. Ten years after that, on SNL's 25th anniversary show, Costello went on the show again and parodied his notorious 1977 appearance by bursting onstage while the Beastie Boys were playing "Sabotage" and ordering them to stop. He and the Boys then launched into a raucous version of "Radio Radio":

Among a flood of music stars sending their tributes was Justin Timberlake , who Tweeted : “Crushed to hear the news of Adam Yauch’s passing. A true pioneer of art.”

The song samples the theme music for the 1985 film The Toxic Avenger , as adapted from Rimsky-Korsakov's arrangement of Mussorgsky 's A Night on Bald Mountain . The sound effect sample originates from the sound the Resonator makes in the 1986 film From Beyond . Elements of Les Baxter 's rendition of Prelude in C# Minor as composed by Rachmaninoff are also used during the verses, [1] and the song also contains elements of the Jazz Crusaders album Powerhouse . [2] Throughout the song, a heavily vocoded voice repeats, "Intergalactic, planetary, planetary, intergalactic; another dimension, another dimension." The closing "Do it!" is sampled from the 1971 Stovall Sisters song "Hang on in There". [3] A shout-out to Mario Caldato Jr. , the single's producer, is given in a line from the second verse; "Mario C. likes to keep it clean". On Hello Nasty , a freestyle rap performed by Biz Markie appears directly after the song.

Beastie Boys - Love American StyleBeastie Boys - Love American StyleBeastie Boys - Love American StyleBeastie Boys - Love American Style