time is money

Radare - infinite regress

The Doctor sat down at the breakfast table beside Ekkie, his head still reeling from the brief kiss he and Clara had shared moments before. We’ll pick this up later, Clara had said, meaning, he supposed, she’d either kiss him again or slap his face. He was ninety five percent sure it would be the former. She was smiling, anyway. He might be an idiot, but he wasn’t a fool, and that kiss felt real, more a promise than a question. He’d seen into her heart and for better or for worse he saw desire there. All he had to do now was not mess things up.

Tokyo Jupiter is a Japanese independent record label founded in December 2007 and based in Tokyo, to support underground artists playing beautiful and emotional music with DIY ethic, through the traditional CD release and Japan tour.



Radare - Infinite RegressRadare - Infinite RegressRadare - Infinite RegressRadare - Infinite Regress